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Things to Do in SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

SeaQuest interactive aquarium is one of the perfect places you can take your family especially if they are amazed by creatures that reside in the rainforest, the world deep seas as well as the desserts.  The aquariums in las vegas hotels normally prides itself on offering wonderful interactive experiences that will guarantee you and your family will have an amazing and enjoyable time.

In the SeaQuest interactive aquarium, there are many wildlife creatures that your family will enjoy to see and mingle with, there are also birds, ducks, lizards among many other animals. There are other forms of wildlife that reside here like the stingrays, you have to spare your time and go and check all of them out. You will never regret as you will get value for your money.

There are special activities that SeaQuest will offer you and your family, SeaQuest will offer special activities like birthday parties, swimming with stingrays, and these activities are sure to impress your children. The birthday parties will include admission to the party room of all the guests of the party for 1  3/4  hours. There will be a VIP gift for the child that will be celebrating the birthday and the guests will all be given souvenirs. The people in the party will be given an opportunity to interact with animals of their choice. In these special activities, food from outside can be brought in and any additional guests will be included for 15 dollars each. You can be allowed to add a mermaid to the special event.

For the special activity of swimming with stingrays, reef sharks, and tropical fish, you will have an experience of swimming with dozens of these creatures in a shallow lagoon environment that is 3-5 feet, you will be allowed to swim and feed them too. To get this activity, you will be required to reserve 30 minutes before you arrive and you will not be allowed to have guests that exceed 6 people. This activity will have duration of 45 minutes and the only thing you will be required to bring is a swim suit and a towel.

The SeaQuest interactive aquarium is located approximately 10 minutes from the strip in the Boulevard Mall. It is advisable to go there very early especially in the weekends because it tends to get crowded. Visiting this place will guarantee you will have an experience of your time that you will never forget so learn more.

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